Industrial Mineral Processing


Characterization — Photovolt Color Reflectance – Oil Absorption – Specific Gravity – Bulk and Tapped Density – Cyclosizer Sub-Sieve Particle Size Analyses

Solving Plant Recovery/ Quality Problems Feed and Product Characterization Process Flowsheet Development Mineral Processing List Barite/Celestite Feldspar Phosphate Carbon Garnet Quartz Carbonates Gypsum Salt Minerals Clay Heavy Minerals Ultra-High Purity Silica Diamond . . . → Read More: Industrial Mineral Processing

Gold Mining Processing

ORE TYPES: Oxide and Refractory (Sulfide, Carbonaceous, Tellurides)

Gold Ming Processing Services include: Diagnostic Leaching Process Flowsheet Development Confirmatory Testing for Bankable Feasibility Study Solving Plant Recovery Problems Areas Served – Gold Mining Processing USA Mexico Bolivia Dominican Republic Ecuador Kazakhstan Russia Indonesia Australia Brazil

Mineral Flotation

RDi Minerals offers many mineral flotation services including:

Process Flowsheet Development Reagent Evaluation Selective Mineral Separation Processes for Value-Added Products Advantages of Mineral Flotation Mining Plant Troubleshooting – Novel Approaches Innovative Separation Processes

Leaching Tests For Minerals

ORES: Precious Metals – Sulfides -Polymetallic – Flotation/Gravity Concentrates

Customized tests employing a series of progressively more aggressive leaches. Combined with inter-stage cyanidation to determine deportation of gold in various mineral species. A similar approach is used to identify copper mineral species present in the ore.

Process Mineralogy

Conventional screening procedures rely on mineralogical investigations . . . → Read More: Leaching Tests For Minerals