Mineral Flotation Mining

Rdi Minerals offers many mineral flotation services including.

  • Process Flowsheet Development
  • Plant Auditing/Optimization
  • Reagent Evaluation
  • Selective Mineral Separations
  • Resource Recovery
  • Operator Training
  • Diagnostic Leach for Precious Metals
  • Processes for Value-Added Products

Recent Mineral Flotation Mining Projects

  • Flotation practices audit — Chile
  • Assessment of innovative phosphate flotation technology — India
  • Separation of calcite from wollastonite
  • Polymetallic flotation projects (including Cu/BAu/WO3/As; Pb/Zn/Au/AgFeS2, etc.)
  • Plant troubleshooting
  • In-plant reagent evaluation
  • Separation of arsenopyrite/pyrite from polymetallic ores

Advantages of Mineral Flotation Mining

  • Plant Troubleshooting – Novel Approaches
  • Innovative Separation Processes

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