Leaching Tests For Minerals

ORES: Precious Metals – Sulfides -Polymetallic – Flotation/Gravity Concentrates

Customized tests employing a series of progressively more aggressive leaches. Combined with inter-stage cyanidation to determine deportation of gold in various mineral species. A similar approach is used to identify copper mineral species present in the ore.

Process Mineralogy

Conventional screening procedures rely on mineralogical investigations to deterĀ­mine processing options. This approach does not always work. Diagnostic leaching is an important alternative tool that reduces the testing costs and time involved in identifying the most promising options.

Advantages to Diagnostic Leach Testing For Minerals

  • Cuts cost of evaluating process feasibility for gold deposits.
  • Reveals why gold is being lost in tailing/residue.
  • For copper, indicates reagent suite needed for flotation/leaching.

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