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Technical Mining Services

The Following Is A Complete List Of RDi’s Technical Services:

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Diagnostic Leaching Studies

Sample Preparation (Geological & Metallurgical)

Bench-Scale Testing

Process Flowsheet Development

Sample Characterization

Technology/Process Assessment

Industrial Mineral Processing

Product Specifications

Processing of Industrial Minerals

Characterization - Photovolt Color Reflectance - Oil Absorption - Specific Gravity - Bulk and Tapped Density - Cyclosizer Sub-Sieve Particle Size Analysis. Solving Plant Recovery/Quality Problems - Feed and Product Characterization - Process Flowsheet Development. 

Gold Processing

Free Milling and Refractory Ore Types. Services Include: Diagnostic Leaching  - Process Flowsheet Development - Confirmatory Testing for Definitive Feasibility Study - Solving Plant Recovery Problems - Plant Auditing & Optimization.  

Sulfide Mineral Flotation

Process Flowsheet Development - Plant Auditing & Optimization - Reagent Evaluation - Selective Mineral Separations - Resource Recovery - Operator Training - Diagnostic Leach for Precious Metals - Processes for Value-Added Products 

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Mineral Leaching Tests

Customized tests employing a series of progressively more aggressive leaches. Combined with inter-stage cyanidation to determine deportation of gold in various mineral species. A similar approach is used to identify copper mineral species present in the ore.

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Humidity Cells and Rheology Testing. 

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Rare Earths/Lithium

RDi personnel have extensive experience in systematic development of projects for rare earth and lithium ores.


Our state-of-the-art laboratory has separate facilities for metallic and industrial minerals.
The facility houses equipment in the following major areas:

Size Reduction, Classification, Blending, and Sample Preparation


Gravity Separation

Autoclave Pressure Oxidation

Bottle Roll and Column Leaching

Solid/Liquid Separation


Magnetic/Electrostatic Separation

Brightness/Whiteness Measurement

Sub-Sieve Particle Size Analysis

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